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Design Capabilities

Product development at Filtran LLC is the cornerstone to the technology based filtration solutions we provide our customers.  All products are designed using 3D solid modeling software.  A unique process we term “design optimization” ensures our filters offer the best balance of performance options – making the critical tradeoffs for efficiency of particle removal, pressure drop and contaminant capacity.

3D Solid Models

The optimization of our filtration products starts with a disciplined approach to analyze the fluid mechanics and mechanical structure properties of our filters.  Both commercially available and Filtran proprietary computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software is used for understanding the fluid mechanics of a filter.  Quick, approximate solutions are software modeled and the Filtran LLC proprietary software SuFis™ is used for a detailed, accurate solution.

Examples of CFD Analysis

SuFis™ is the culmination of over 3 years of development to accurately and quickly simulate extreme filter operating conditions.  With SuFis™ we now have the capability to assess various design options without having to build a prototype.  Experimental verification of CFD results have shown to be accurate +/-5%, and thus have shortened the average prototype development cycle from 4-6 months to 4-6 weeks.

The structural integrity of Filtran LLC filters are assessed and proven by extensive finite element analysis (FEA) modeling.  Results have shown that most structural analysis for deflection and strength is easily handled by this software.  More complicated and advanced structural analysis is performed using additional software.  Complex dynamic and non-linear structural interactions are easily understood with this analysis approach.

Examples of FEA analysis results

Prototypes at Filtran LLC can be made in several ways.  After the design optimization process, rapid prototypes, conventional machined prototypes or even molded and/or stamped prototypes can be made.  The process used is dependent upon the customer’s need for form, fit and/or function.  With our design optimization process, prototypes can be realized in weeks instead of months.
To validate filtration designs, Filtran LLC uses the Filtran Technical Center (FTC) in Stillwater, OK ─ one of the foremost filtration laboratory facilities in the world.  All aspects of a filter’s performance are simulated in extensive test runs including a complete structural assessment.  Our Filter Media Lab and Fluid Analysis Lab fully analyze the contaminants captured by our filters both in simulated test mode and in actual field use.

Multipass Filter Performance
Test Stand
Analysis for contaminants
captured by Filtran filters